In the understanding of the signs of the zodiac

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You have just met and you will finally get down to business! It is for tonight…

How to be up to par, do not spoil this intense and long-awaited moment? Nothing’s easier!

You know his astrological sign? Then you will possess your “secret boot” and will be able to launch you to the attack of his libido without blow fér!

BELLIER – Addict!

Aries is a fast! Not yet started that it is already finished! If you do not want to stay on your hunger, excite his hunter instinct! He will go up to the assault. Few appetizers, but the main dish worthy of great chefs! Your secret boot: a divine sensual skull massage will melt …

TAURUS – Gourmand!

The Taurus loves to love, it sweats it through all the pores of its soft and warm skin … Put it in your mouth and arm yourself with patience because it is the kind to block on the preliminaries. .. Your secret boot: spread your erogenous zones of chocolate or chantilly: it will devour you!

GEMINIS – The experimenter!

He has no taboo! He tries everything and his opposite! He wants to surprise you, but also to be astonished, to discover, to clear unknown terrain … Does he love to play? Never mind! Your secret boot: a vanity overflowing with sex toys!

CANCER – Head in the moon!

Ah! This sweet dreamer … He loves contact, that one takes him in the arms, that one tightens it, that one judges it, that it is subdued … Yes, good, it is not frankly the goal! He is also a voyeur, he likes you mate! Your secret boot: caress him in front of a mirror …

LION – Master on board!

If you’re here, it’s because he really wants it! So you can make the proud, you deserve it! It is hot boiling, so it will be necessary to ensure. Your Secret Boot: Strongly express your contentment by plowing your back and buttocks with your sexy nails!

VIRGIN – Clever!

An incomparable fingering will amaze you on the part of the Virgin who seems modest in the eyes of all but reveals itself volcanic under the duvet. Your secret boot: do not choose a position without a tail or head that demands physical feats, stay simple!

BALANCE – The esthete!

Do not have any more complex! If he chose you, it is because you are perfect! Refined, elegant, sensual, how not to crack? Does it put pressure on you? Courage! Your secret boot: train yourself to apnea, her kisses are endless!

SCORPION – Sexual!

Powerful, magnetic, captivating, hypnotic, in short: Scorpio. Irresistible … If you are a little nature, pretext an urgent knitting to finish, because you will not recover! He satiated his wildest fantasies … Your secret boot: say yes!

SAGITTARIUS – Epicurean!

He tastes everything! Enjoyable, he does not forbid himself anything and especially not new experiences, exoticism, discovery. With an overflowing energy, he asks for more and more! Your secret boot: be libertine!

CAPRICORN – Fire under the ice!

Introverted, distant, little sensual … Wrong! Under the duvet, he wakes up and explodes! Its know-how leaves more than one on the tile! His enormous need for affection, which he conceals in public, is expressed in intimacy. Your secret boot: invent a scenario with disguises!

VERSEAU – Experimenter!

Curious, original, it shows little consideration for its partners. His accomplices of erotic games serve as a subject of experimentation! Unrivaled technician of the sexual act, it will not overflow with sensuality. Your secret boot: a captivating fragrance, keep silent, except to compliment it every three seconds!

FISH – Fusional!

Ah! The charm of Pisces … Elusive, slippery, confusing … Yes, but we will have to ensure! So get ready to brush the banners more than once. Risky, but exciting … Your boot secret: cultivate the mystery, he loves to evolve in the intimate mists …

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