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In 2017, your nights will they be more beautiful than your days? Will you need desire plays the violin or you Eros gives you the devil? Romantic year or erotic year? It is to answer all these questions that our Astrologer, focused on Venus travels across the sky of this new year.

Aries horoscope icon This Year 2017, Aries, ALL know Love! No question of going it alone in 2017. Until 22, the Sun prompts Aries friend to get you to listen to the other, needs and desires. History reinforce the influence of Jupiter since September promotes meetings, strengthening ties and thirst for commitmen… Read More

Taurus horoscope icon Taurus Love Horoscope 2017 Venus invites you in 2017 to link you to one another. Until 18, you will multiply the initiatives that may help to close ranks and to make valuable connections with those you dear. Enjoy your beautiful layouts to turn the flame, making inspiring encounters, shoot with partner plans on the comet. This complicity you will undoubtedly put certain external pressures (financial and social) that may this month weigh heavily in the balance. Read More

Gemini horoscope icon Gemini Love Horoscope 2017 Count on Venus in 2017 to take your gently messages. You will not have too much support the delicious planet to try to channel some positive emotions not necessarily in love when tensions, jealousy and manipulation attempts could weaken the relationship and put oil in the fire with friends at around 5, 7,15 and 20 where the current hardly passes between you and the other. Read More

Cancer horoscope icon Cancer Love Horoscope 2017 Venus endows you with an irresistible charm to 18. The delicious world loads to sharpen your desires, boost your attractiveness and makes you want to live fully in the moment. No doubt adorned with all these graces, you do to rekindle parveniez (turn) the flame or to fly. The only downside (but size) of the month. Read More

Leo horoscope icon Leo Love Horoscope 2017 Until 18, you will be mobilized to bring attention to your family. You have at heart to meet the expectations of your pockets and put everything to improve the lives of everyone, yours also. You will definitely will succeed but not without consent to make some effort to cut corners and dispel any misunderstandings that can generate discord and even in March and the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces in September. Stay beyond any doubt of yourself – you can deal with it. Read More

Virgo horoscope icon Virgo Love Horoscope 2017 If you want to unwind the month gently, avoid in 2017 to impose your wishes to anyone. You’ll want to move the lines in your marriage or cause encounters but will sometimes too inclined to impose your authority to another who may not appreciate your proposals that could turn into diktat. To rekindle the flame instead of pouring oil in the fire, boost your duo rather than maintain the pressure, count on Venus until 18 to open a constructive dialogue. Read More

Libra horoscope icon Libra Love Horoscope 2017 Discussions to provide family where differences of opinion are likely to darken the table at home. You want to assert yourself within the clan. No matter the effect of too guard down where to go after everyone. Jupiter boosts your sign since September and makes you want to take life head-on-body, to launch a new round of expansion even do some (many) things moving and shaking around you. Read More

Scorpio horoscope icon Scorpio Love Horoscope 2017 Enjoy the presence of Venus in your sign until 18 to play your charm and allure that you like. You will not miss indeed no assets to fly, keys, rekindle the flame and close ranks especially in the beginning of the month where one badly sees what would prevent you from loving and being loved . If Venus endows you a sizzling magnetism that should attract you the favor of elected or attract to you the fans, however, you’ll do well in 2017 to pay attentionRead More

Sagittarius horoscope icon Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2017 Until 18, you will tend to go back in the past, to look at the experiences. Then try to learn lessons that will serve you to move forward, to mature, to grow rather than brooding, rehashing the risk of generating a spleen that help you nothing to change. Since last month, Jupiter invites you to draw upon a star, to project yourself into a future that inspires even if Saturn continues to control your sign keeps you feet firmly planted on the earth… Read More

Capricorn horoscope icon Capricorn Love Horoscope 2017 You will probably be mainly mobilized on the social front and determined to defend your rights at work in 2017. Venus invites you until 18 to tender projects, to draw upon a star with the partner to your friends. In the beginning of the month, it proves conducive to creative exchange and allows you to close ranks and forge links . Read More

Aquarius horoscope icon Aquarius Love Horoscope 2017 Until 18, Venus endows you with an irresistible charm which will effect in society and draws attention for those you want to impress and perhaps convince you to believe in and follow you in your endeavors. You will not have too much of that ally to cut corners and may counteract the effects of Mars which in turn could inflame the wrath of jealous that await the slightest misstep on your part to corner to corner. Read More

Pisces horoscope icon Pisces Love Predictions 2017 Venus invites you to set the bar high in love and do everything possible to change the relationship or find the rare pearl before 18. You will have at heart to put you in search of quality exchanges or meet beings who change from the ordinary and allow you to finger an ideal. You can then first thing in the month angels embark for Cythera or finding a soul mate. If you aspire to realize a dream, you will associate the other, the other (whether elected or friends) to your projects but may however encounter some obstacles along the way. Read More

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