Horoscope of the summer 2017

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The horoscope for the summer of 2017 has just been released. And if this summer we returned to the basics, the fundamentals, as a return to the roots? This is what the stars offer us in 2017! This summer, we regenerate! We take advantage of it to change our rhythm, we cut naturally with stress and everyday life. The Venus / Mercury pair will be in tune, to offer us new horizons to explore, while Mars will deliver an invigorating energy to most of the signs. It is useless to do too much or to bend over the past, we will simply let ourselves be carried by this warm astral vibration … And it is thus that listening to his instinct we will find with ease new ways fulfillment. Here is a short tour, sign by sign,

Aries Under the storm …
In spite of himself, the Aries will have to look away from a Mars that will jostle him and make him nervous this summer!

Taurus Volunteer
Taurus will score points in love as at work! It will come out of the summer rather satisfied between nice cumulative memories and the success of his projects.

Gemini The brain that smokes!
Gemini wants to enjoy a constructive summer! He will go straight to the goal, without sparing his efforts.

Cancer About charm
It is a blessed Cancer that will swirl throughout the summer at the edge of the beaches. Charming and charming, he will put everything in a maneuver to seduce the hearts.

Lion All fire, all flame!
The Lion will shine a thousand lights! Happy in love, he will pamper his partner and will have no difficulty in finding one if he set out to find him!

Virgo It’s complicated!
The Virgin will be hard put in the summer sea bath. She shyly plunges her little finger in the water, before being taken over by stress.

Libra Let’s go!
The Balance will certainly be the first on vacation. She will not drag her feet to go travel and get away!

Scorpion Electric!
The Scorpion will not hold up this summer! You will not find him lazing languorously on a hammock!

Sagittarius of limits
The Sagittarius will mistake the journey log early in the summer, thinking to be able to sail freely, according to his desires and at his own pace!

Capricorn Efforts
Capricorn will experience great professional successes driven by Mars, which will not fail to galvanize it.

Aquarius Weathervane!
A real weathervane, this Aquarius, in the storm this summer! Everything will look gray one day and bright the next day!

Pisces Beautiful shape!
Pisces will be dashing throughout the summer! The stars will allow him to keep up the rhythm and sail from adventure to adventure, from island to island, relentlessly!

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